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At Labor Credit Union, we offer a variety of banking services to help you manage your finances with ease. Explore our range of services today and see all the benefits your financial cooperative has to offer.


Gift Cards

Gift Cards are the gift of choice – perfect for everyone! Your special friends, family or co-workers will have unlimited options to shop in stores or online. Use domestically EVERYWHERE debit cards are accepted.

  • Choose from a variety of card designs including limited editions
  • Load any amount, from $20 to $1,000
  • Take your cards immediately – we load and activate on site
  • Members are limited to five (5) gift cards per membership
  • See Fees for cost per card

Money Orders

Money orders are useful any time you don’t want (or aren’t allowed) to use a check or cash to make a payment.

  • Available for amounts up to $1,000 with a $5.00 fee
  • Provides a safer, more secure way to make a purchase and guarantees payment
  • The recipient will be able to cash the Money Order as they would a check

Cashiers Check

Some companies won’t accept a personal check or require a check that guarantees that you have sufficient funds in your account. To get a Cashier’s Check, simply visit one of our branches or call us and we will prepare the check.

  • Free when made out to owner on account
  • $5.00 fee for third party. See fee schedule
  • Good for up to the amount you have in your account*


A Notary is an impartial, state-licensed legal witness to the signing of a document. The Notary will acknowledge the signing with his or her own signature and with a notary seal on the document. To have a document notarized, the signer must:

  • Present a valid photo ID and sign a log book
  • Sign the document in the presence of the Notary

Personal Checks

Ordering checks is a seamless experience designed for your convenience.

Ordering checks online ensures a quick and hassle-free process, putting you in control of your financial essentials.

For additional details about any of our Services, emailvisit a branch, text or call a Labor CU Financial Wellness Advisor at (202) 789-2901.

Meet Your Financial Wellness Team

*Cashier’s Checks may be subject to second signature and branch manager review.