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We Are Labor CU

We believe amazing things happen when people come together for the greater good for all. We are working people helping working people. Just like the labor movement comes together to make life better for working people, Labor Credit Union does the same for our members. Chartered in 1935, we proudly serve the labor movement and we’re here to help you build a foundation of financial strength.

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Meet Your Executive and Management Team

Executive Team

Thomas Domingue Chief Executive Officer
Hina Khalid Chief Financial Officer
Amber Mooney VP of Member Experience


Management Team

Ruth Mauhay Human Resources Manager
Mechen Kennedy  Member Experience Manager
Terri Harvey Director of Lending
Freddy Logie Director of IT

Meet Your Marketing Team


Dallana Estermann Brand Ambassador

Meet Your Administrative Team

Administrative Team

Claudia Moreno Card Services Administrator
Maha Rabadi Internal Auditor & Fraud Mitigation Specialist
Supriya Aphale IT Data Analyst and Support Specialist
Joan Tumaliuan Executive Assistant

Meet the Accounting Team


Arlene Byrd Accounting Specialist II
Kaseimah Foreman Accounting Specialist II
Antwan Brady Financial Accountant I

Meet Your Financial Wellness Team

Financial Wellness Team

Maalik Ezell Assistant Branch Manager, Certified Financial Wellness Advisor
Raymond Gbondo Financial Wellness Advisor
Trevon Banks Financial Wellness Advisor
Moses Haight Financial Wellness Advisor (Hybrid)

Ali Rajput Assistant Call Center Manager, Certified Financial Wellness Advisor (Remote)
Sandra Welsh Certified Financial Wellness Advisor (Remote)
Amirah Sellers  Certified Financial Wellness Advisor (Remote)
Sierra Moore Financial Wellness Advisor (Remote)
Nathaniel Merritt Financial Wellness Advisor (Remote)

Meet Your Lending Team

Lending Team

Andrea Villafan Assistant Lending Manager
Sheila Crews Assistant Loan Operations Manager
Darlicia Easton Loan Servicing/QC Specialist
Bryan Payne Loan Advisor (Certified Financial Wellness Advisor)
Jamille Monroe Loan Advisor
Shomari Ward Debt Recovery Specialist
Ebony Manigo Loan Processing Specialist

How We Serve the Labor Community

Diverse group of individuals in meeting room.
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2024Q1 Highlights from the CEO

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Effective immediately, Labor Credit Union will no longer charge its members for unpaid and returned Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees

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