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Your financial security is our top priority, and we want to keep you informed about potential risks.

Account Takeover Fraud (ATO) is a prevalent form of identity theft, involving a perpetrator gaining unauthorized access to a person’s account using stolen login credentials and manipulating them for fraudulent activities.

We want to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to protect yourself:

Secure Credentials: Update passwords regularly with strong combinations, avoiding easily guessable information.
Enable 2FA: Add an extra layer of security with Two-Factor Authentication, requiring a code sent to your mobile device.
Monitor Accounts: Regularly review statements and transactions. Report any suspicious activities promptly.
Beware of Phishing: Exercise caution with unsolicited requests for personal information. Verify directly with us.
Stay Informed: Keep updated on security practices and potential threats to outsmart fraudsters.

Access our Digital Defense Training Course to enhance your knowledge and protect against ATO.

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For additional details about our fraud prevention tools, emailvisit a branch, text or call a Labor CU Financial Wellness Advisor at (202) 789-2901.

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