2024Q2 Highlights from the CEO


2024 Q2

Summer is here! We have reached the time of year where the days are long (and hot!), and the mood is more relaxed. I will keep this short, as I know you are eager to spend the season traveling, cooking out, and enjoying all the fun activities that warm weather allows for!

Labor Community Foundation This quarter, the Labor Community Foundation awarded the inaugural Dr. Kevin Jackson Memorial Scholarship awards to three graduating students of Woodson High School, located in Washington D.C. The scholarship awards were decided through a competitive application process, and three deserving graduates were chosen for a $1,000; a $1,500; and a $2,500 scholarship award. The award presentation was held at an assembly with Woodson High School students, parents, and staff. Foundation Vice President Kirsten Jackson gave the presentation award speech.


The Labor Community Foundation will continue fundraising efforts throughout 2024, to continue supporting our community needs for engagement, empowerment, and creating opportunities to further education or advance career pursuits. Continue to stay engaged by visiting the Foundation website frequently or following Labor Credit Union on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and X).

Labor Credit Union Has You Covered With the summer months upon us, and the heat waves rolling across the country, I want to wish all of you a safe and fun summer. As you plan summer vacations or activities, I encourage you to lean into your credit union to help plan the finances for your activities. Whether you need financing for a new air conditioning unit, a summer trip to get away from the daily grind, help setting up a budget, or increasing your rate of return on savings and investments, we have options for you!! Our team of certified financial counselors are here to serve you and are ready to help you plan the way to a financially sound summer season. Together, we are currently 8,300 members strong, and we are growing stronger everyday thanks to you, our members, who trust us to provide you with tools and resources to meet your ongoing financial needs. Sincerely,

Thomas Domingue


Labor Credit Union