DOLFCU rewards members for improving their financial well-being

hard work deserves to be celebrated

It is the goal of our credit union to help our members reach financial goals they wish to achieve. Through hard work and utilizing our educational resources, 19 of our members were able to fulfill a common goal – increasing their credit rating. From November 2021 through February 2022 these 19 members have been able to increase their credit scores by over 100 points! We acknowledge this is no easy task and are rewarding this achievement with a $100 reward.”DOLFCU is focused on improving the financial well-being of all our members. We have a strong focus on advocating for awareness around building and maintaining excellent credit scores, and the impact this can have on the members life. We provide tools through our BALANCE partnership to help achieve this. We know it is hard work building and maintaining credit, and our members that put in the work deserve a reward. We were excited to reward our members with $100 who improved their scores by 100 points within the last 3 months.” Thomas Domingue, President/CEO writes.The credit union and its staff’s support are instrumental in members fulfilling their personal financial goals. It gives us great satisfaction knowing that the resources we provide assist us in DOLFCU’s goal of being the foundation for financial success for its members. We will continue to seek opportunities to celebrate our membership and highlight their accomplishments.