New Youth Accounts… Coming soon!


Life’s a Journey and DOLFCU is here to guide you!

Beginning in July, we will be offering brand new Youth Savings and Checking Accounts to build financial awareness and develop good financial habits as members move through life. As life evolves, we are excited to partner with you on the Journey!

Journey Savings Account

Ages 0 to 18: Building a Foundation of Saving
  • High dividend Savings Account
  • Matching credit union deposits for milestones, life events, and achievements.
  • Coindexter – Financial educational geared towards young savers.
  • Back-to-school rewards

Journey Checking Account

Ages 12 to 21: Responsible Money Management
  • Rewards debit card with 1% cash back
  • Mobile bankingPay Anyone, Mobile Wallet, A2A Transfer, Account Alerts
  • Free ATMs, no service charges, no overdraft
  • Incentives for BALANCE Financial Awareness modules(budgeting, spending, credit)
  • Report card achievement bonuses to promote the importance of education.
  • Establishing credit through your debit card
  • Secured Loans to build credit history.
  • College scholarships for DOLFCU members – Eligible by maintaining a good account or completing BALANCE Financial Fitness modules
  • First Auto Loan (with co-borrower) – preferred rates!